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CHALK4PEACE drew the world together in 2016 during the Student Peace Day Summit at the United Nations in New York with a 32 foot peace symbol that 1500 people filled in with messages and visions to encourage a future of peace. With Peace Day 365, Team CHALK4PEACE  created messages in 75 languages that decorated the Plaza and gave everyone their chance to show the world what peace means to them.  In 2015, we conducted a Community Healing Ceremony in Ferguson, MO during their Peace & Justice Summit at the St. Louis Community College, Florissant Valley. We've gotten to New York, DC and Ferguson and many other locations because of YOU.  We're expanding every year because of YOU. Teaching Peace is a priority we take very seriously- like meditation- an important practice to prepare youth to maintain their balance in an uncertain future. We ask you to give us a hand....

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We have crowd funded twice and are preparing our 2018 fundraising campaign to bring Team CHALK4PEACE together for this and other signature events across the United Sates. We raised money through our Indiegogo campaign to begin pre-production for our film in 2015 and our independent 2016 fundraiser for our UN/DC C4P Draw the World Together Tour. CHALK4PEACE is tireless in our efforts to keep this momentum of are crucial to that effort...

Your contributions help us teach millions how to chalk4peace. When you donate to us, you're helping give peace its chance. One of our long standing goals has always been to have one million people chalking for peace at the same time...2018 marks our thirteenth year bringing the peace.

Our events at the United Nations and around the DC Beltway were highlighted by CBS; and each year, more countries hold CHALK4PEACE events for the first time.   Our program has been recognized and embraced by entire school districts as a method to counter bullying behavior and enhance creative communication. Additional school districts are integrating CHALK4PEACE into their curricula every fall.  CHALK4PEACE is a way to create dialog, vision and direction for a more peaceful planet. We draw the world together...and will never stop.

Please show your support for our 501(c)(3) non-profit organization CHALK4PEACE, Inc. Your contribution is tax deductible to the fullest extent of the law. A simple $5.00 donation provides enough chalk for a team of young CHALKSTARS to paint their own memorable vision of peace. If everyone gives us $5.00, we'll soon be everywhere!

Thank you in as many languages as possible- Gracias, Merci, Grazie, Toda, Do jeh, Danke sehr, Spasibo, Mahalo, No Worries, Asante, Dankie, Tak, Dzieuje, Salamat po, Obrigato, Tack, Sukria, Arigato, Istutiy, Hvala, Kamsa hamnida, Dhanyavad, Nandri, Ngiyabonga, Kop khun, Grazzi, Dank u, Takk, Paldies, Diolch, A dank, Terima kasih, Kia ora...

Photos: Jerry Downs