CHALK4PEACE: The Gatherings

CHALK4PEACE has brought thousands of CHALKSTARS together over the last 12 years to bring their messages of peace to the streets. These photos are some of the gatherings and teams that have helped us make this happen! These photos are from four continents. More and more every year!

CHALK4PEACE Open HeARTs at Open Streets, Carpinteria, CA 4/1/17

CHALK4PEACE brought its special brand of interactive expression to the Open Streets Carpinteria Festival with hundreds of young artists of all ages to join us to share the love... some of the art & artists....

CHALK4PEACE will also be kicking up some chalk dust during the Santa Barbara Summer Solstice Parade Saturday, June 24th, 2017

Click on photos below to enlarge- Photos: SD Hall, J. Aaron

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