The Faces of CHALK4PEACE

CHALK4PEACE has an archive of more than 7000 photos from the events of the past decade. We are blessed that so many talented photographers have documented the energy, joy, creativity and purpose of our CHALKSTARS, the term we call those who participate in CHALK4PEACE. This term is reserved for these creative beings. Artists who chalk4peace are our superstars. They are the reason this project is worldwide. This gallery is a but a small selection of those CHALKSTARS who are willing to get down on their hands and knees to make their mark for CHALK4PEACE...they are mighty; they have vision; and they are bringing peace to the world one sidewalk at a time...

Written by John Aaron; Produced by Raymond Powers; Engineer: TJ Russell; John Aaron - vocals, acoustic guitar; Aaron Farber - acoustic guitar; Julija Zonic - vocals; TJ Russell - electric guitar, bass; Raymond Powers - vocals, percussion, keyboards

Photo credits, in order: Jerry Downs, John Aaron, Arek Tomasik, Carrie Gault, Meghan Snyder, Marielle Mariano, Luciano Brandimarti, Sarah Rogers, Marel Citron, J. Aaron, Will Fredericks, Michael Wojczuk, Luciano Brandimarti, Mattia Orsilli or Gabriela Gabo Calabro, Alissa Karton, Jerry Downs, Jonothan Dumas, Jerry Downs, Marielle Mariano, Marilyn Miyamoto, Marel Citron, J. Aaron, Gabriel Gross, Marielle Mariano, Meghan Snyder, Will Fredericks, Chris Draper, J.Aaron, Silver Raven