News from the Sidewalk

CHALK4PEACE is the global chalk art project about peace. We celebrate our eleventh year as a worldwide event encouraging peace. CHALK4PEACE, Inc.  is a 501(c)(3) non-profit arts organization.

We've had more than 1000 events in 50 countries and have covered more than 12 miles of pavement with messages and visions of peace in sidewalk chalk...

We believe in  "Drawing the World Together..."

CHALK4PEACE participated in the Peace Day Student Observance at the United Nations in New York City in 2016 to honor the International Day of Peace. Hundreds of thousands of young artists of all ages have joined us since 2005.

Our goal: ONE MILLION artists Chalking 4 Peace at the same time...

Because we need Peace...Now more than ever...

CHALK4PEACE celebrates Peace in late October

CHALK4PEACE had at least four events in late October to share- California, Virginia, Switzerland and Poland- P.S. 139 in Lodz celebrated John Lennon's birthday  with CHALK4PEACE for the 11th year; Ojai (CA) Day with its C4P Mini-mandala project; Waples Mill ES, Oakton, VA also observed its 11th year working with us and Switzerland's first efforts at C4P. Thank you all for drawing the world closer together.

Our Photographers Help Draw The World Together...!

Thank you to our photographers who help us bring out the best in humanity and peace! Their volunteer efforts document a significant  portfolio that is a standard of the Art of Peace.

Photos Credits: Jerry Downs, Ed Talaro, Marielle Mariano, Silver Raven, Luciano Brandimarti, SD Hall, Marilyn Myamoto, Meaghan Snyder, Adry Del Rocio, CHALK4PEACE and others...

Recognizing: World Teachers Day Oct 6.

Honoring our Teachers today on World Teachers' Day for the great and tireless work they do. CHALK4PEACE would not know what to do without teachers! Without them,  we're sure CHALK4PEACE would have never grown to the size and presence it has today. Thank you for all the knowledge you share, the papers you read, the artwork you organize, the hands you hold, the patience you have, the ear that listens... and the acrobatic juggling of being on the front lines of Education! Thank you ALL!!! Here are a few of our (your) dear friends...

Heroes of Peace Week: Gandhi, Tutu, and Lennon 2 October-9 October

In the midst of our C4P Heroes of Peace Week...7 October marks the 86th birthday of Archbishop Emeritus Desmond Tutu; followed by John Lennon's birthday 9 October. Mahatma Gandhi's birthday was 2 October. CHALK4PEACE honors these people this week for their contributions to peace, equality and non-violence. #desmondtutu #johnlennon #mahatmagandhi