News from the Sidewalk

CHALK4PEACE is the global chalk art project about peace. We celebrate our eleventh year as a worldwide event encouraging peace. CHALK4PEACE, Inc.  is a 501(c)(3) non-profit arts organization.

We've had more than 1000 events in 50 countries and have covered more than 12 miles of pavement with messages and visions of peace in sidewalk chalk...

We believe in  "Drawing the World Together..."

CHALK4PEACE participated in the Peace Day Student Observance at the United Nations in New York City in 2016 to honor the International Day of Peace. Hundreds of thousands of young artists of all ages have joined us since 2005.

Our goal: ONE MILLION artists Chalking 4 Peace at the same time...

Because we need Peace...Now more than ever...

We've been away but we're back! Coming again to a sidewalk near you!!!

CHALK4PEACE celebrates its 14th year drawing the world together. More than a half million people in 50 countries have taken up chalk to leave their messages of peace, justice and love since 2005. By the way, please welcome our newest CHALKSTAR, from Douala, Cameroon, #KobewilliamsArt, a force for portraits and Peace. He is mighty.


Ganesh-The Remover of Obstacles

John Aaron, the Executive Director of CHALK4PEACE, is an artist in his copious free time... Below are two recent versions of the Hindu God, Ganesha, Remover of Obstacles... John is an enthusiastic proponent of removing that which is in the way....

Herndon E.S. rocks CHALK4PEACE with 800 CHALKSTARS!

The Herndon Elementary School Bees of Herndon, VA took to their sidewalks June 10 to encourage a rainbow collection of chalk art celebrating PRIDE. Miss Bright Blue Hue, aka Margaret McDonald, (shown taking a selfie) has led this schoolwide event for many years. CHALK4PEACE is so lucky to have leaders like Miss Bright Blue Hue teaching peace to schoolfulls of kids. Some of the photos from the day...

Thacher School pays tribute to Dr. King with CHALK4PEACE

The Thacher School of Ojai, CA observed Dr. MLK, Jr. Day with a CHALK4PEACE event on Sunday, Jan. 14, their eighth experience doing C4P. A small but mighty gathering decorated the Boswell Library Amphitheater, with different languages for "Peace" written on each step with flowers and quotes of peace growing out of the drawings. We thank Thacher for its steadfast dedication to observing the legacy of Dr. King with Days of Community Service, seminars, workshops and lectures discussing civil rights, equality and fundamental freedoms. CHALK4PEACE is honored to be a part of their events honoring Dr. King.