The Open Alternative School of Santa Barbara Joins Us Again To Celebrate Peace!

The Open Alternative School of Santa Barbara, CA will again be celebrating CHALK4PEACE on June 5th, 2017. This year's theme is Together: Common Ground. (With gratitude for the idea from the United Nations.) This is OAS's fourth (fifth?) venture into CHALK4PEACE! A school full of mighty artists who show great teamwork skills! NO doubt they will be inspired by the i madonnari maestras y maestros at the SB Mission the week before!


An Instagram post about CHALK4PEACE we didn't know existed from the Jane Goodall Institute

While wandering around on Instagram today (chalk4peace) a friend notified us that she had seen this post....we had never seen this photo from our event at the United Nations; and it seems that a lot of people liked it...Marielle is over on the side always doing the finishing touches...Thank you to The Jane Goodall Institute for their support and enthusiasm. We don't care what they're saying about us in the jungle...just as long we're part of the chatter...!