Photos by Jerry Downs                                                           Model: Kaylie Page

It's finally here! The rumors are true! The official shirt has made its debut! The Yellow Hands (Creating the sun is hard work) shirt for CHALK4PEACE. The iconic photo by Jerry Downs.

For your donation of $27.00, you get a Gildan Ultra Cotton t-shirt in your size and you show the world you're part of a movement that believes peace is a creative collaboration. And in all languages, the messages of peace and love are more or less the same. A simple method of communication that opens dialog between strangers. About Peace.

We're dedicated to drawing the world together. We believe in encouraging people to gather on sidewalks, streets, parking lots, plazas and piazzas. To share messages of peace and hope. In art with chalk. One sidewalk at a time. You'd be amazed at how much inspiration is left on the ground. And if everybody's wearing one of these t-shirts, they'll surely think it's a movement. It's a perk for believing in CHALK4PEACE.

Fly the C4P colors. A shirt that tells people you mean PEACE. Let's help PEACE break out. Everywhere.

The CHALK4PEACE shirt. It's here. And it's about time...

What took us so long?

Yes, I'll donate $27.00 or more to the cause! For a limited time, tax and shipping is included in the U.S.

Please allow four weeks for delivery.

I want a shirt!